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Strategy Guide for Bloons TD Battles


Bloons TD Battles can be a tower defense game that has a twist, as you won’t just have to survive each wave of balloons, and you will also must compete with other players online. It’s a refreshing tackle a game which is usually played solo, and it also really doubles the fun – particularly when the competition is intense. Here are some of the points you should know to acquire ahead in this particular exciting game.


Bloons TD Battles, at its core, is usually a tower defense game. However, it’s also an offensive game as players can tackle other players through two distinct game modes, namely Assault and Defense Mode. One mode enables you to participate more actively inside the opponent’s campaign by sending more balloons up to them, as the other is only a competition on who’ll be able to work for more waves of balloons.

Currencies earned can often purchase and upgrade existing towers to enable them to better battle attacks.

Does this appear to be you? “Oh man, mafia wars is fun, but I keep losing…” Maybe that doesn’t sound EXACTLY like you, nevertheless, you’re here to have some strategies. Whether you’ve just started, or have already been playing the games for weeks or perhaps longer, these strategies are likely to help you. Before I start, I want to explain the action a little bit. Theres also a Bloons TD Battles Hack if you need any resources or lives.These guides aren’t planning to let you win every game, and you will definitely provide an advantage over another player. And one last item you need to know occurs when I say 0-2 or 4-2, what I really mean is upgrades. For example, if I a 4-2 cannon, I would employ a Cluster Bomb cannon, upgraded 4 times on the left side, and a couple times around the right. Also, “moab popping power” isn’t only for moabs, it is also goes for the many moab-class bloons.

Tower Selection

Selection your towers can be quite a confusing ordeal. First of all, you’ve a choice that picks in your case: random. Random gives you three towers, but they also might not ensure you get the best towers for you personally though. You can get a supplementary, random, tower for example battle energy. Like I said, random towers can be risky, maybe your attacker likes to rush lots and you don’t have great popping power within the beginning.


This game called Bloons TD Battles just isn’t about taking roles or names. For those of you unaware of the world TD – it indicates Tower Defense. So, basically, the game is really a battle arena the place you defend your base from evil balloons (bloons) by making use of different towers. Usually, this genre is one-sided and thus you will only must survive as long as possible in the offline mode. However, in Bloons TD Battles you face real opponents therefore you can send your personal Bloons to destroy their base.


Two varieties of currency is obtainable within Bloons TD Battles. The first are Battle Points which as earned when players be involved in fights, along with the second one are Medallions that happen to be also awarded to players for finishing fights, but more are awarded if players are victorious in battle. These currencies are widely-used in purchasing and upgrading towers together with special decals for ones bloons. As medallions are harder to obtain, kinds available for purchase using actual life money.

Video Gameplay:

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Let’s Play Deer Hunter 2016: Tips and Tricks


Deer Hunter 2016 could be the latest game inside nearly two decade-old franchise, and it’s now available for both Android and iOS devices. In the sport, Glu tasks players with searching for some with the world’s best game animals, and several fantasy creatures from legend also. From bears to Big Foot, players must keep their guns loaded in addition to their quivers full whenever they want to stand up and become the world’s finest hunter.

Otherwise, when you get stuck with a level, luckily there are various level branches that you could play, and side quests that contain nothing to do with the leading missions. Go to these levels to raise your skill as well as your hunter bucks. Gradually every one of these will add up, sufficient reason for enough upgrades then you can take about the boss in the region that you’re in.

Beat the boss literally whenever you can, so that one could move onto the subsequent tier and buying the required guns. Try to spend less some money beforehand so that you could have a little extra for just a better next-tier weapon, or perhaps for an upgrade or two as soon as you purchase the weapon itself.

Gold could be the premium currency on the game. As always, it is possible to go to the IAP store to earn some free hunter bucks in the event you don’t desire to spend the bucks to purchase any. To do this, see a free part from the IAP store menu you could an option with the idea to complete offers or watch videos to acquire free gold.

Some missions in Deer Hunter 2016 hack task players with killing a dog by shooting a selected part. This would be hard to do naturally, but fortunately the sport gives players an expedient thermal scope make use of. This special scope allows players to determine into the animals, to find out exactly where the center, lungs, and brain can be found.

Our Deer Hunter 2016 tips, cheats, and techniques will ensure that new players enter the action ready to bag a trophy.

This handy ability only may last for so long, though. Zoom in about the target before activating the thermal mode so you don’t waste precious seconds adjusting with the shot.

Increase your suppression rate!

You’ll observe that missions which may have you kill multiple targets are slightly harder, when you don’t have plenty of time to steady your aim when going to the second kill. Later guns employ a Suppression rating about them, and is particularly enhanced by silencers. This cuts down on the chance of other animals becoming alerted when you invest in your first kill. If you’re having difficulty with multiple kill missions, try upgrading your suppression!

Steady your aim and moderate your gun!

On the primary shot, invest some time steadying your aim. The animals will not be alerted and soon you make the first shot, so don’t be hasty. Remember the zoom in and out if required; don’t stay zoomed in should you miss a try and animals are walking around wildly. It’s an easy task to keep


track of them zoomed out.

Deer Hunter 2016 uses a power system to limit the consecutive volume of free turns players get in a specific amount of time. Thankfully, there are far more than enough different methods for players to acquire a few extra energy bars with each play session.

The biggest way, and in all likelihood least popular way, is as simple as actually spending cash. For players seeking to score some free energy though, they’ve already the options to observe an advertisement, keep coming back during a predesignated time period inside the future to get a free half-refill, and players might take advantage with the complimentary full refill that Glu Games gives players the primary time they filter their energy meter. So where ever you look and then take aim.

Casual Games

Jetpack Joyride Tips To Get Better at the Game


Developed by Halfbrick Studios, Jetpack Joyride is surely an endless, side-scrolling runner slash action game launched this season. It was initially available exclusively for iOS devices these days, additionally it is enjoyed by gamers using Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone devices. It has recently been ported to PS3 and PS Vita using the PlayStation Network.

Jetpack Joyride has won many awards and garnered mostly positive reviews because of its addictively awesome gameplay plus a simple, one-touch control. The goal is always to let Barry Steakfries, the tiny person you’re controlling hanging around, to search as far as is possible while collecting coins, avoiding missiles or lasers and a lot of other hazards. It can be very easy with the Jetpack Joyride Hack Tool, just click the link to download it.

Jetpack Joyride cheats creates a simple system; collect coins in-game and utilize them to get various gadgets, single-use upgrades and skins to your character and jetpack. Collect tokens to utilize the spinner when you die. With the spinner you will gain the single-use upgrades, more tokens or coins.

There aren’t many hints and tips to supply. Most explanations are made with each achievement around the next two pages. Two tips that are partially mentioned at a later date but are very handy and logical:


You can use a single revive as well as a single bomb from the stock on each run. So you’ve got to make use of also catching a revive within the final spin and also a few score-nudging blasts. Obviously when you invest in out to 6K or 7K metres, you stockpile numerous spin tokens. I think within my 10.8K high score run, I bagged 14 spin tokens total. If you’re choosing high scores and never have both a revive as well as a big blast inside your arsenal, you’re carrying it out wrong.

The rest is about maximising the length you get every time you pick up a motor vehicle and then surviving for enough time to get to that next precious vehicle pick-up. I’ve gotten adept enough using the vehicles to average near 800m possibly even before colliding which has a zapper or missile.

– If you would like to collect coins it can be handy to equip the coin magnet as well as the token magnet with your games.

– For making it towards the five kilometers, it is best to equip gadgets you will find the easiest to utilize. My personal favorite two-combination will be the Dezapinator with all the turbo boost to own as little strategies to die as it can be, along with the Gravity Belt with all the Air Barrys so as to rise and fall easier. Also keep in mind that you don’t want to collect as numerous coins as you can, instead you should concentrate on going so far as possible. Also, take tokens and vehicles whenever possible without dying. Finally, use single-use upgrades for instance Revive, +1500 metres Head Start plus the Final Blast.

– Luck is usually a major factor. Your scores are pretty much affected by the volume of skill you could have, but luck plays an excellent factor also. Getting the right vehicles may make the difference between 2km and 5km.

As far as screen position, you have to utilize short taps and keep a middle cruising altitude. It’s the only technique you can react quickly enough for the zappers. Also, once you ride the bottom or ceiling, you’ve a tendency to accomplish really wide swoops, that are hard to stabilise on time to deal with upcoming obstacles.

Planning to purchase coins? Stop. Purchase Counterfeit Machine instead

If Jetpack Joyride got you set up too much that you would like to spend real-world funds on it, you best spend it wisely. Counterfeit Machine is capable of doing doubling how much all coins you collect after a run.


HTC Android Phones Meet The New HTC Sense


The new HTC Sense is here and fans will be glad to know that there have been quite a lot of improvements that are sure to grab, and hold, their attention. The new HTC Sense offers many great features that fans have been waiting for and will be glad to that reviews are favoring this Android phone and all the special features it can offer by using this specific operating system platform. HTC is off to a great start as the new HTC Sense provides a much faster boot time that allows you to turn it on and be ready to go in about 10 seconds. Impressive!

The highly anticipated HTC Sense can be experienced by using one of the two smart phones that are said to be taking Android phones to the next level.


HTC Android Phones

The combination of using HTC Sense with HTC Android phones brings the smart phone experience to another whole level by making the consumer the center of attention. Numerous tests and studies were made in order to find out exactly what the customer not only needs but wants as well and thus a variety of improvements  were made to these Android phones based on how the smart phone can help make everything more simple and thus easier to utilize for the everyday consumer.


HTC Desire and HTC Legend Reviews

The HTC Desire and HTC Legend  reviews are coming in and so far so good! Pros include fast performance and an easy to use and easy to see screen with a con being that you have to take out the battery if you want to put in a micro card. Thus, the HTC Desire as well as the HTC Legend are the two phones that come with the latest version of Android creating the ultimate experience in the smart phone experience.


New HTC Sense Highlights

  • Cursor keys have been added for easier text correction along with a cursor zoom capability.
  • A larger screen allows for navigation  installation.
  • Incoming calls are conveniently shown at the bottom of the screen to avoid unwanted interruptions.
  • Text save and search capabilities are now much easier to navigate and find.


HTC has  launched their new website purely for their customers convenience as they will be able to easily and quickly perform a variety of actions, such as managing their text messages and phone calls,  locating a lost cell phone, and even completely clearing the phone.


Top 5 Best Android Accessories

So either you’ve just bought a brand new Android smart phone or are planning to buy the one you want as soon as it is available for release and you are now in the market for some Android accessories. Great! There are a number of best sellers along with some brand new Android accessories that are now available, some are free and some are not. There are a multitude of Android accessories from which to choose, such as cases, batteries, chargers, headsets, memory cards and more. See below for what we have chosen to be our top 5 best Android accessories.

1. Case-Mate Tough Case for HTC Inspire 4G, Desire HD



We chose this best Android accessory because it is an extremely sturdy case that provides the ultimate protection for your smart phone. Two layers of hard plastic provide an impact resistant covering for your phone that is meant to protect it from any accidental drops. Comes in black or pink and sells for $29.99.


2. Motorola Power Pack

We chose this best Android accessory because this power pack is an eco-friendly way in which to power your smart phone. This power pack has the ability to charge two different devices at one time and then shuts off as soon as they are fully charged. Sells for $49.99. *Compatible with the following: Motorola Cilq 2, Droid Bionic, Atrix 4G, Defy, Droid 2 Global, Citrus, Droid Pro, Bravo, Flipside, Flipout, Droid 2, Droid X, i1, Charm


3. Smart Phone Micro-USB Travel Charger

We chose this best Android accessory because it is a super convenient way to charge your smart phone while on the go. This best android accessory sells for $19.95.


4. Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for HTC EVO Shift 4G



We chose this best Android accessory because it allows you to place your smart phone in a secure area that is always easy to get to-your body. Felt lining and a new and sleek design protects your phone from any harmful elements and the soft touch coating is a great touch for this best Android accessory, which sells for $29.95.

5. Smart Phone Experts Screen Protectors for HTC Droid Incredible

We chose this best Android accessory because it not only helps keep your smart phone screen protected from scratches it also deflects any annoying glare. Simply place the protector on the screen. Comes in a pack of three and sells for $19.95.


Best Android: Games

The Android market is quickly gaining in popularity while making great strides in the technology world with the new Android OS platform that has been so far getting rave reviews. Accordingly, Android games are becoming available almost faster than one can keep up with and below is a list of the 5 most popular Android games available on the market today.

1. Puzzle Box. A combination of Tetris and Bejewelled this puzzle game has you matching up color blocks with a purpose to clear all the screens of said colored blocks. There are more than 100 levels and three different challenge levels so everyone can play. Try to beat the top score!

2. Sketch Online. Based on the popular game Pictionary, this is one of the best Android games to play with others. Players meet in an online chat room to play and it goes like this–one person receives a message/word to draw and then they must start drawing the item until someone else guesses what it is, and then they get to be the next person to draw. Tons of fun!

3. Angry Birds.


This is one of the most highly addicting and best Android games available. The idea is to launch the angry birds into green pigs, which is completely understandable as the green pigs stole the birds eggs, who are now angry about this and have thus decided to fight back.

4. Backbreaker Football. This best Android game is for sports fans who enjoy playing some online football. You have complete control over your player as you try to get him to score a touchdown. Lots of extra options make this one of the best Android games to play.

5. Radiant. Take a trip back in time with this best Android game  that takes after the classic game Space Invaders. Shoot at the drones and mother ships in order to protect the world from utter and complete destruction. A neon glow gives the game a new, fun and exciting look.

Good To Know

If you are looking to find the best Android games to play on your new Android device, you won’t be disappointed. Popular games for previous operating systems are currently and quickly being made for the Android OS so the possibility of finding your favorite games that can be played on your new Android device is very good!

Sport/Racing Games

Racing Air for Android

Racing Air is a new racing game on Google Play server. This is an ultra car racing game where you can fly your car in air. Yes, the car can fly in the sky.

Racing Air game is design with different type of car racing formula where you have to race in the air without the gravity. This game will give you unlimited fun during racing. So get ready to race in whole new different level.

Racing Air Features

– New speed mode
– 16 different car models
– Perfect experience of nitrogen
– Two different operation methods

Racing Air Screenshots




Racing Air Android Game Trailer

Download Link

External Link: Racing Air for Android Download

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Top 10 Android Games


Hello and welcome to the review of Top 10 Android games list. Here I will review the best android games according to the popularity of particular game. Well there are lots of Android games which are popular as well as amazing for play, but as well as something is better in everything. Here we go with Top 10 Android games

If you are among those people who loves to play android games on your smartphone or on your Tablet, then you are at the right place. Many people asked me what is the Top Android Games. So instead of answering them one by one, I thought to create a website which provides Top Android Games. It will be easier to people to get the best android games out there.

So without wasting your time, let me start the list of  Top games


Top 10 Android Games


I don’t think this is suitable for everyone or it’s not the best android games out there, but as per the majorities interest also they are not latest trending games but amazing android games

#1. Temple Run


No matter what, its it the best android game so far. Not only in android platform, it’s the iOS market too. Temple Run is one of the few games which is installed on most android phones. Even its there in my phone right now. Temple run is unique Adventure game, which is basically a character runs clearing obstacles in between. As you go it will start increasing its speed. You need to collect the coins in between top improve your score. It is the only game which started the trend of Running a character without stopping. Later, there were so many Games came in the android Market. But as you know original always be the best and first

Download from Google Play Store

#2. Subway Surfers

Over the past few years, the gaming on smartphones was dramatically changed. Running endlessly is one of the latest trends in gaming. Subway surfers is one of its kind. No doubt its similar to Temple Run but with some improvement and improved Graphics. Endless updates from the Game developers makes its unique every time and more over gamers don’t get bored. Subway Surfers is another Top 10 Android Games which is based on Endless Running character in the Railway track. Collecting coins, using extra powers, changing the characters is some of the features which improve its game play.

Download from Google Play Store

#3. Fast Racing 3D

Enough of the endless running games. Its time to ride the shining car along with racing with the other Riders. Fast Racing 3D is amazing Android Car Racing game, which has some amazing 3D graphics along with amazing sound. Fast Racing 3D. It is addictive and the best is its look. The 3D looks more catchy to the eyes, burning the street with its speed is one of the most entertaining features of Fast Racing 3D. These are some of the best and Top 10 android games

Game Features:
– Cutting Edge 3D Graphics and gnarly impact-crash sound effects
– Upgrade and customize your own vehicles
– Earn cash rewards to unlock new cars
– Race the way you want: you can touch or tilt to steer
– Enjoy well over 10 hours of gameplay in the massive career mode with 48 levels

Download from Google Play store

#4. Angry Birds

Here comes to most addictive android game of the year. Angry birds released has entertain millions of gamers all around the world. The most amazing part of this game is its uniqueness along with the addictive style of Angry Birds. From Google chrome to Google play store its burns everything. Angry birds is a game which has birds through which we need to shoot the castle. Angry birds have some amazing graphics along with the natural sounds. Below are some the best features of Angry birds

Fun new gameplay – the Egg Defender mode gives Red special powers to attack the advancing pigs!

15 new levels – the latest Red’s Mighty Feathers episode brings fresh new challenges!

72 crazy pig contraptions – wave after wave of Bad Piggies edging closer in their wacky machines!

Rovio Account for Android – pick up your game where you left off across multiple devices!

Download from Google Play store

#5. Racing Moto

Its time to review about the Android Bike Racing, Yet we have amazing Android car racing games. But without bike racing games, we are incomplete. So to fulfill our desire here is one of the most popular game in android market. Racing moto features 3D with stunning graphics with natural sound of  Bike running. Run the bike without touching other vehicles along with enjoying the beautiful scenery. How to play

# Tilt phone to control moto direction
# Tap screen to accelerate

Tips to win high score:
# Keep accelerating moto so that the score will be boosted. The boost factor is shown on the right top of the screen.
# Watch out indicator light. Vehicles may turn left or right.

Enjoy feeling super speedy moto racing! Please give us your feedback, rate or comment if you like this game!

Download from Google Play store

#6. Cut The Rope : Time Travel

Tired of old styles car and bike racing games. Let us play something brainy. Cut The Rope : Time Travel offers unique game play with stunning mind quizzes. Yes it takes so much of your mind to complete one single level. The basic model of this game is to feed a candy to the character. The candy is tied with the rope, you need to cut the rope in such manner that it should fall inside the mouth of the character. The developer came with another hit My Om Nom Hack where you can get some free coins.

Download from Google Play store

#7. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is another amazing games with very attractive graphics and loads of levels. Ever wanted to cut a fruits while throwing it in the Air? Fruit ninja provides exclusive game play. Most of the users finds its very attractive as well as fast.

Some of the Key features of Fruit Ninja:

Key features:

Carve, splatter, and slash your way through piles of colorful fruit in this juicy arcade action game
Choose from three different game modes to play through: Classic, Arcade, and Zen
Customize your experience with unlockable weapons and backgrounds
Use Starfruit to boost your arsenal with exhilarating power-ups and never before seen super fruit

Fruit Ninja is the original and the best slasher on Android. The addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for even higher scores!

Download from Google Play store


Another fighting game trending on Google Play store, Frontline Commando: D-Day is a unique fighting game which has the look of computer games. Experience the advance 3D graphics person shooter game along with stunning and natural sounds. Easy to handle and most amazing without a single lag. I play this game often and feels its flexibility. This game also comes in the list of Top 10 Android Games.

Also Check: GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D Hack

Download from Google Play store

#9. Reckless Getaway

Yet another Android Car Racing game, Reckless Gateway is a mad game which is funny as well as addictive. Crashing other cars is a fun in Reckless Gateway. With 16 Varied levels, you are not going to be bored any how. Crashing, Trashing and smashing other cars is a fun.

– 16 eye-popping, visually amazing Tracks
– Simple and effective controls
– Unlock new tracks by earning your rates
– Global leaderboards, show you’re better than the rest
– Astonishing physics brings chaos to another level

Download from Google Play store

#10. Real Truck Parking 3D

Let us practice some motor training. Real Truck Parking 3D gives practice to your Motor Driving. It stimulates various Parking skill, along with real sound of truck. If you crash you lose. You need to be very catchy while Parking the truck. You can also change the angle of the camera for better view.

Download from Google Play store

These are the Top 10 Android Games, I will provide more games review soon. Thanks for reading visit again


Action Games, Casual Games

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush, one of the popular android game in the Google Play store. Its time to play with Gru’s yellow, loyal and gibberish-speaking Minions and complete their toughest mission through your android handset.

With the cutest yellow Minions, you will really enjoy this Minion Rush game. In the game, you have to play as a Minion and compete with other fast-paced, hilarious challenges in order to impress the boss who acted as a super villain Gru. During the gameply you need to fly, jump, collect bananas, dodge obstacles and finally defeat villains to earn the title of Minion of the year.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush Features

– Unpredictable Minion Moments
– Despicable acts Through 100+ Missions
– Several Locations
– All New Villain
– Customize the Minion’s Weapons, Costumes and Powers
– New Boss Fights
– Multiple Dynamic Camera Angles
– Custom Animations
– Gru’s Rocket
– Bonus Gamplay
– Secret Areas

Note: For optimal performance, we recommend that you have at least 50Mb of free storage available while playing the game and that no apps are running in the background.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush Screenshots




Despicable Me: Minion Rush Gameplay Video

Download Link

External Link: Despicable Me: Minion Rush Download

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Angry Birds Go for Android Free Download

Are you ready for watching the angry birds in a different mode? Then its time to give you the surprise. Rovio Mobile Ltd. release the whole new different game with their angry birds, Angry Birds Go. It’s a racing game with the birds.

Update: Angry Birds 2 Hack Tool for unlimited gems and lives

It’s not an ordinary type of racing game, Rovio design the game with the angry birds’ characters and their related environment so that players can’t feel any awkward feelings during the game play.

For the first time, you can play in both type of characters; like as birds or the pigs. Different types of hazardous roads, different types of vehicles, lots of additional mods options and the special powers make the game too much exciting that you can’t find any other racing game ever.

Angry Birds Go Features

– Dual characters playing mode
– Different types of tracks
– Special powers
– Surprising game modes
– Direct link with social networks
– Online gameplay

Angry Birds Go Screenshots




Angry Birds Go Game Trailer

Download Link

External Link: Angry Birds Go for Android Free Download

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